On the novel AMATEUR AT HEART I LOVED this story! I thought that the characters were incredible, and it achieved the right balance of the humorous and heart-breaking. A great read! And I love the message that ALL girls (and women) just want to be treated like ladies--even the naughty ones. As reformed "naughty girl" myself, I really liked Lela. I think you got the ladies right on target. Thanks for sharing!!! April PS - I just glanced at it when I was SUPPOSED to be working, and spent all afternoon on it. ~~~ On the poem TO A SUICIDE Voted by readers of Brady Magazine (defunct) as the best poem of the November/December 2003 issue. ~~~ On the story LUNAR VIGIL I was impressed by the charm of the language and the image of the mother. I found most of it poetic. ~~~ On the novel BETWEEN THE DARK AND DAWN My grandfather, a recent immigrant from Ireland, lived on Brannon Street (south of Market Street) during the 1906 earthquake. Following the event, he relocated to Los Angeles to begin life anew. As a California native, I've experienced many earthquakes over the years but never faced the dramatic devastation of the San Francisco earthquake. Mr. Forge did an outstanding job of placing me in the heart of that terrible devastation. I had a strong sense of how my grandfather must have felt as the city first collapsed and then burned around him. The story he wove is credible and touching. And the historical events are accurate (based on the reading I have done on the subject). I read this book while the rescue efforts were taking place with Hurricane Katrina. It is striking to see the similarities between the two events. I recommend this book as a historical novel. I couldn't put it down. TS ~~~ I enjoyed your novel, Between the Dark and Dawn, very much. I thought it was pretty accurate and quite realistic. Besides being a great read, your novel was an important part of both our internet presentation and our Exhibit at San Francisco's City hall. Sincerely, Ron Filion and Pamela Storm Wolfskill ~~~ When I was growing up the mother of a close friend had been in San Francisco during the 1906 Earthquake. She told us her story. I was to young to really understand such tragedy. Mr Forge, in his book gave me the perspective of what it was to live through that time. I worked with a company in San Francisco for many years. My only regret is had I been able to read this book years before, it would have greatly enriched my understanding and feeling of the City while I was there. Great read. I hope he continues to publish. BM