As one who lost Mother early in life, the subject of this most special relationship has always been of heightened importance for me. While my own memories of Mother are precious and few, I hope that those who listen while reading my father's inspired words will find renewed appreciation for she who bore thee. MOTHER AND CHILD is a scored for soprano (mother), soprano (child), and piano.

MOTHER AND CHILD, Copyrightę2020 DamonMusic by Sean Damon Rohde. All rights reserved

Words by Jack Forge Fruit of my flesh, I formed you. Child of my womb, you thrive. Born of my heart, I hold you. Babe in my arms, you lie. Child of my hopes, I adore you. The love of my life, do I cry. As I would give life to save you, that's how much I do love you. Babe at my breast so beautifully, babe at my breast so happily, child of my joy so bounteously, I wonder how I lived before. Life was not full until your face appeared. And then life for me blossomed just like a rose. Each day when the sun awakes me, I do sing my lullaby to please little thee. To sing songs shows you my love, and love for me is like music, music sung in the morn, a morning tune just to please you. Mama! You, you! Mama! Yes, child. I run and leap and fall and laugh and jump up to run again. I laugh, I cry, and wish to climb way up there among the clouds to fly the sky, to sail on high like birds who soar, soar, soar, soar gaily. I run, I leap, I laugh, I sing to live, 'cause child's play is what's fit for only a kid. Ev'ry day when I play, light shines onto me. Life for me is so bright, so light I fear not the dark. I fear nothing 'cause of you, my dearest mama. I have no fear of monsters. I am so safe in your arms, my dearest mother! I hug and laugh and sing a song of love-- between us two, I hug and laugh and sing a song of love-- betwixt us two. I sing for you. I sing for you. Our growing bond makes us a family. Through all the years we fortify our bond. Now is the time I leave you, now is my time to die. But I'll always be with you, beautiful child of mine. Mama! I miss you!

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