Once on a bus ride, I glimpsed a beautiful young woman. Enthralled by the dreamy vision, I was seized by an uncharacteristically bold urge. Following my whim, I quickly wrote out this melody on a piece of paper, tore it from my sketchbook, marched to the front of the bus where she was sitting, and handed it to her as a tribute to her loveliness. Being socially awkward, I quickly withdrew to the back of the bus where I resumed my work as if nothing had happened. Later, my father wrote the lyrics and titled the song. I never again saw that strawberry-haired princess.

OUT OF A CLOUD, Copyrightę1992 DamonMusic by Sean Damon Rohde. All rights reserved

Words by Jack Forge Out of a cloud dawn bore a white bird sailing on the breath of day before you spoke to me or cared what I had to say. High on a reverie I saw the bird dive into the airy spray, blown off a cresting sea, then dissolve in a yawning wave. When will I see you again? Where will you rise again? A wing tip shines in the sun, taking off alone on the wind. Follow me, follow me, you say. Come to me, come take my hand. Surf rolls over the words you speak in the sand. O bird, when you fly, bird, when you fly, look at me standing here. Remember me when you soar the sea. Could I fly, should I fly, I would try for eternity.

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