The Graphic Art of Jack Forge

The Graphic Art of Jack Forge

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If interested in using these images or contracting me for graphic work, please contact jende(at)

Easter Effervescence (Digitized 2D image, 2012)

Golden Apple of the Sun (Digitized 3D model as gold, silver, and emerald, 2010)

Book Cover (Digitized photos, 6"x9", 2004) for novel: BETWEEN THE DARK AND DAWN published by Silver Lake Publishing (defunct)

Cover for Music Play: MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS (Photomontage, 4"x4", 2000)

Convict Lake #6 (Photography, 35mm slide, 1999)

Heron & Blackbird (Photography, 35mm slide, 1998)

Hidden Meadow (Photography, 35mm slide, 1998)

Abstract #6 (Digitalization with Dabbler, 1998)

Tennesse Beach Sunset (Photography, 35mm slide, 1997)

Autumn Squirrel (India ink on gold paper, 10"x8", 1995)

Rapture (India ink on gold paper, 10"x8", 1995)

Electric Flower (India ink on gold paper, 10"x8", 1995)

Drake's Beach (Photography, 35mm slide, 1992)

April (Pencil on paper, 8"x12", 1981)

Crucifixion (Charcoal and conte on gray paper, 18"x24", 1981)

Charles Van Damme (Felt pen on paper, 9"x12", 1980)

Witch (Acrylic on pressed board, 12"x24", 1980)

Clown (Acrylic on cardboard, 12"x24", 1980)

California Hills (Acrylic on redwood veneer, 33"x22", 1980) published by Song of the Siren (defunct)

Lopez Gold (Pencil on paper, 30"x45", 1980)

EasyWriter, (Commercial offset on paper, 24"x36", 1979)

Drake's Beach (Acrylic on canvas, 24"x12", 1977)

Mission Santa Barbara (Acrylic on canvas, 24"X36", 1976)

Buckhorn (Acrylic on canvas, 24"x36", 1974)

Latina (Acrylic on canvas, 30"x40", 1972)

Sunset for Shelley (Acrylic on canvas, 48"x24", 1970)

Painting #2 (Acrylic on plywood, 24"x29.5", 1970)

Sonoma Barn (Felt pen on paper, 9"x12", 1970)

Alaskan Sunrise (Acrylic on pressed board, 31-3/4"x23-3/4", 1970)

Sunwheel (Engraving on paper, 6"x6", 1969)