An original song devoted to all who suffer. I present this setting of my father's words after the earthquake in Haiti. I completed this piece in 2010 and scored it for bass voice (cello) and piano.

SONG OF THE SUFFERING, Copyrightę2010 DamonMusic by Sean Damon Rohde. All rights reserved

Words by Jack Forge When I look down, I see the ocean When I look up, I see the clouds Closing my eyes, I hear the people Singing their last song before they die Remember days of sun and flowers Remember nights of myriad stars And then the earth shuddered her great shell And brought a whole nation tumbling to her knees I sing a yesterday song in mourning for my lost home I cry in sad remembrance, remembrance of my love I scream in rage, furious at my god Who wrecked my world, slaughtering my people Without warning, without a sign But only death to poor suffering people Who simply tried to make a happier world In the midst of strife without relief So now I call out, cry out for grace Some mercy, please, Before all of us die

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