Sean Damon (Rohde)

Original music for your film, video, stage, commercial, and game productions.



Sean Damon Demo (part 1)
Sean Damon Demo (part 2)
A Kiss from Brother New!
Man of the Mountains
Out of a Cloud
Into the Twilight
The Dove
Northern Lights
Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby
Walpurgis Night
Song of the Suffering
The Fruits of Silence
Ophelia's Final Repose
Ghosts in a Lonely Sea
Cat and Mouse
Tale of a Songbird
Film Overture
Film Finale
The Merry Wren
Flight of the Eagle
Hidden Meadow
The Beast and the Butterfly
For Anne

Updated 11 May 2020.

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All of these compositions are copyright 1999--2020 Sean Damon Music and/or copyright 1999--2020 Jack Forge.
Use of either name without permission of the composer or the lyricist is prohibited by law.
Sean Damon is a professional name used by Sean Damon Rohde since 1987.

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